Emissive Foliage as Static Lighting

UE4 is great! :cool:


I would like to create emissive foliage for terrain like it is used in the movie Avatar to enlighten the level. ( Or a forest made of Christmas trees… :wink: )

Sadly the setting: Lighting -> Lightmass Settings -> Use Emissive for Static Lighting doesn’t seem to exist for foliage objects.

*Sorry! To be so blasphemous… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always set the material as a normal one in x foliage meshes of the map and then set emissive.

I know how to use emissive foliage without to effect other objects or the environment. But how I set the foliage to enlighten ( lightmap ) other objects like terrain or buildings ? What’s the trick ? I don’t see an option for this…

You can use for the foliage a normal material with emissive light option, select the foliage model and set Use Emissive for static Light. But yeah if you need something more advanced Epic should add a option or you should edit the engine.

In UE4.10.1 I really don’t see an option for foliage to Use Emissive for Static Lighting in the Details tab!

Oh and: Emissive support for landscape textures which enlighten foliage, trees and other objects world be very cool to. :smiley:
( Didn’t try if that works yet though… )