Emissive color changed in 4.16?

I updated to 4.16 but Emissive color is strange(May be)
It’s appears normal on the desktop, but it’s changes when Preview rendering level process on Android preview, same as Android device.><
I also test it on other project like SunTemple, and the result is same as above. The result like this image.It is only use simple material just put in Emissive color, nothi

ng else.
Has anyway make emissive color like 4.15 for Android?
Thanks for an answer><

Yeah, I experienced this same thing with my android game. My colors on a material that relies on the emissive input has the same type of change in color.

Did you happen to figure out a solution?

Thank you for the answer.

4.15 had filmic tonemapper enabled by default on mobile and in 4.16 we switched back to mobile tonemapper that was default before 4.15. Filmic tonemapper is more expensive so it’s better to keep its off by default on mobile. You can enable it back by setting console variable r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm 1

Hi,thank you for your suggestion.Now my emissive color is come back when I enabled filmic tonemapper! Love you!

Thank you, that solved it for me too