Emission intensity controlled by audio?


I’m trying to replicate these characters, and instead of lip-syncing their dialogue (as they have no lips to sync), I need the speech/sound to be tied into how bright the emission should be.

I know it’s possible to control it via Arthurs Audio BPs and/or the Audio Visualiser as this video demonstrates (though unlike that video I don’t need the mesh to change size with frequency), but I’m unsure of how to go about working something similar into what I need.

Or would a “cleaner” result be one that’s controlled via lip-sync? I know in the original it was done via their lip-sync program (called “GRIN”, nice name for such a program) and instead of driving shape interpolations, it drove color animation on the “mouth” shape/panel.

I’m very new to UE and trying my best to learn via tutorials, so I’m not looking to be “spoon-fed” the answers, but something to at least give a newbie some general idea of how to go about it would be great.

Thank you for all the assistance it’s greatly appreciated!

The resizing mesh is optional fluff, could delete the whole resizing function and just keep it pulsing the dynamic material:)
Open f.ex bp_SingleSoundVolumeMeter and disconnect or delete the node that says “Scale mesh” or “Update Mesh Scale” on the main event graph!

Thank you for the reply, very much appreciated.:smiley: Not to sound like a total noob, but is there anything else I need to copy from your BP project into mine, aside from “bp_SingleSoundVolumeMeter.uasset”?

In that example, for no good reason anymore, the audio that the volumeMeter listens to is in a separate actor: bp_SoundSource
Could consolidate them into one by adding an audio component to the volumeMeter, getting the envelope event off that and feeding it to the “normalize volume” function in event graph, while deleting the old reference to the musicPlayer!

Thanks once again! I do have a bit of an issue… encountering these errors and unfortunately I’m not too sure how to fix them.

Hmmm looks strange, somethings missing.No music player with active sound maybe? Can you hit the links and screenshot how it looks inside the BP?