Emegency | releasing on steam in a few days and massive problem

I can not figure out why this is happening but the game works fine with 1 and 2 players but as soon as I introduce a 3rd or a 4th player everything falls apart. The thing that really does not make any sense is that everything works fine in the editor this problem only occurs when the game is exported up. As far as I can tell when a 3rd person joins the server is just completely incapable of sending data of any kind to the client. I have tried many ways of sending the lobby information to the clients and none have worked. Here is an example of one way that works with all 4 players in the editor but in packaged game it only works with up to 2 players.

In editor game looks like this with 4 players.

When Game is exported game looks like this with for players.

As you can see when in the editor data is sent and received by both clients and server with no problems but in exported game as soon as a 3rd or more player comes into the game the client can not send data to clients like the struct variable that holds lobby info. Also the clients can send to the server because when the client hits ready the server receives that the client is ready to continue and displays that that client is ready only on the server side.

I have figured it out. Apparently when a 3rd player joined in when get all actors of class and finding all player pawns and then pulling a length from that it was not returning the correct number of players. I fixed it though.