Emblem Editor

Hi, guys!
I’m working on emblem editor similar to what you can see in MGS5, For honor or COD
It 100% blueprint
Currently it has 4 layer, but you can add as many as you need.
On release it will have somewhere about 150 texture elements to play with and its easy to add your own.
Out of the box it doesn’t support multiplayer.

So… questions, suggestions, advises?

Looks really cool, but I think that it loses a lot of it’s potential market by not being multiplayer compatible as we most often see this in competitive games. The examples you mentioned are either intended for pure multiplayer (For Honor and CoD) or have strong multiplayer components (MGS5). I think it would be a lot more appealing a product if you added multipalyer support :slight_smile: Happy to lend a hand via PM or something if you need some pointers/help with where to get started on multiplayer - with something like this it really shouldn’t be too difficult to be honest! Regardless, it looks very nice and sleek! I guess other things that I would like to see added is ability to color items (so make all the textures white, and give them a color to multiply by) and the ability to rotate and offset layers :slight_smile: That would be my suggestions haha!

Thanks apoisonedgift, I’m glad you like it!

Maybe it was not clear, but you have an ability to color and transform elements.

And you absolutely right about multiplayer support, I definitely need to add it before relase.

Here is a couple more of screenshots.


Oh nice! haha. Thanks for the clarification!

Hmmm, setting up multiplayer is just sending an index + transform + flip boolean + color for each layer to the server using a RPC event and setting these there into OnRep variables, isn’t it? Then each client can create each player’s emblem on his own.

Nice pack idea btw :smiley: