Emberheart ARPG Team looking to expand on Art side!

Emberheart ARPG looking to expand Art team! Current open positions: Concept Artist, 3D Character Artist and 3D Environment Artist

Emberheart started as a passion project of a solo developer. The game has been in development for 3 years. I’ve had contact with a first small publisher and they said the game has potential but needs to improve on look and feel, basically some Art and the UI need to improve. Recently a Story writer and a music composer joined the team to beef up those areas of the game. Now I am looking to expand the team for the Art side of things as I’m mostly a programmer. I mean, the art is probably good enough to go for a succesful kickstarter campaign, but I want it to live up to its potential and thus the art needs to improve.

The game has been released in Early access and has been received very well. While sales are low, they are according to expectations as I have not done any marketing. The good part, it brings with it some funds to pay freelancers.

Edit: I’ve had contact with another publisher by now, and am very close to getting signed. If I get signed, I’ll be able to pay people very soon. I reworked the entire art of the game and level designs by now. So it’s much closer to it’s potential.

A lot of Sweat, blood and tears went in this project and I’m looking for people that also want to work on a project as a passion. So you are expected to work for 15-25 hours per week, but not more since you probably have a daytime job. Once we get more funds from Early Access release, publisher, Kickstarter or Belgian Game Fund Organization you can expect payment! Maybe not that much at first, but payment will go up as we move along and get more funds.

Team Structure:

Stefan - Programmer but can do a bit of everything.
Canberk - 3D Environment Artist
Jan - Composer
Motif - Alberto and Johnny - Music composer and SFX
**Patrick **- Level Designer
**Caro **- Illustrator for loading screens
**Luigi **- 3D Weapon Artist

Here’s the most recent gameplay video and the early access launch trailer:

Please visit our website at RCG - Home to read about the open positions

Jack of all trades are also welcome!

Some shared requirements for all positions:

  • A passion for making video games and preferably for the ARPG genre
  • Can contribute 15-25 hours per week until we can pay you, then we can possibly go for 40 hour weeks if you want to

Please apply by sending an email to [EMAIL=“”] with your portfolio or work samples.

Still looking to get an art team together!! Most importantly I need a level designer who can make levels with bought assets. If I could get a Environment artist that would be great too at this point.

In 2 weeks i’m releasing early access, after that I can possibly pay you for your work. And after EA release I will need to work on art side of things to improve the game’s graphics!

Here’s a new movie of the newly implemented Lightbringer class:

I got a composer, story writer and UI Artist on board.

As you are 2 weeks away im guessing you have a working build, do you need some testing?
Also do make sure you pay people you hire if your marking this as “PAID” and not just possily pay otherwise add a “/ROYALTY” to the title.

Hi LDodds,

Thanks, i’ll respond in PM soon

I consider myself a jack of all trades. I’d be interested in talking further on what your looking for, you can check my artstation: and see if any of this fits what you are looking for. I focus on environment, level design, optimization, etc…

Hi Zonen! Thanks for your interest in the project. I’m very interested to talk with you about how you could fit in the team. Please provide me with an email address or Discord ID here or through PM

New trailer for Early Access launch!

Still looking for extra artists and a level designer!

Still looking for Concept artist, 3D character artist and 3D environment artist. Publisher deal is very close to be signed so I’m started the recruitment rounds upfront of getting first funding. So if you’re an artist who’s looking for his first professional job this would be the ideal time to join the team, to start with volunteering work and flow into a paid job really soon. I prefer artists who are not purely in it for the money, but above all have a huge passion for (A)RPG games.