Emberheart (ARPG) is recruiting a Hand Painted 3D Artist, A Concept Artist and a UI/ICON Designer

Rebel Camp Games started out as a solo developer “company” for 2 years. Emberheart has been in development for 1.5 year. Then I figured it was too ambitious to finish on my own so I put the project on hold. I then made the competitive survival game Forests of Augusta and finished it to an early access release with a team of 12 people which is now on Steam. Forests of Augusta gave me a lot of experience both in programming and managing a team. So now I’m back to finish my first born project Emberheart. This time I’m recruiting a team to polish and finish it!

Emberheart is a singleplayer Action RPG in the likes of Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile etc… The focus is heavily on the item/loot system and replayability of the game. Programming has progressed really far, there’s basically a full-blown ARPG set of features already implemented. What needs to be done now is more Art and Audio, so the game has a lot of content for the players to play.

Here’s an old video of the game. Much progress has been made since though!

Implemented features are:

  • Combat system with 3 out of 6 character classes implemented with skills
  • Skill system (Normal skills, Auras and Curses)
  • Health globes, potion
  • inventory and equipment system
  • normal, uncommon, rare, legendary, set, gemword and reforged item qualities
  • gold vendor
  • fame system and fame vendor
  • blacksmith crafting system
  • shared stash to transfer items between characters
  • difficulty system (Rookie, Soldier, Veteran, Marshall) with scaling droprates, mob health and damage, experience gained etc…
  • Normal, Elite (6th death is permanent), Hardcore (death is permanent) modes
  • Character attributes and stats, attributes are allocatable by atrribute points you get from leveling up
  • leveling system
  • Monsters scale with player level
  • First bossfight has been implemented
  • Elite (Rare and champion) monsters with random affix abilities (Lightning, Missiles, Poison, Tornado etc…)

We are looking to expand our team with a Hand Painted 3D Artist, A Concept Artist and a UI/ICON Designer!

Check our website for full vacancies: RCG - Home

We offer a royalty percentage based on your amount of hours contributed per week.

If interested please contact “Stefan (Creative Director)” on our public Discord server: Rebel Camp Games

Or email me at: [EMAIL=“rebelcampgames@gmail.com”]rebelcampgames@gmail.com

PS: Be prepared to do a voice call interview and include your portfolio or work samples when contacting us!

We found an Animator for our team! Thanks for the applications so far!

We found an environment artist who can also do characters and creatures, but can’t conribute more than 10 hours a week.

So we are recruiting an additional concept artist! preferably who can do environments, buildings/props, and characters/creatures! Willing to give any quality concept artist a shot though, even if you can only do one area.