Embedding UE4 into a non-game application


For a academic/scientific software project we try to embed UE 4.8.1 into an existing VS 2013 C++ application and use the engine as the visualization tool.

Main goal: Our C++ application provides the UI and mathematical algorithms. UE4 should handle the visualization part, which is called and controlled from our UI. Users should be able to preselect their own uproject files and start the visualization with a button-press event.

We already checked the documentation, the answerhub, and the forum but could not find clear answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the recommended way to embed the UE4 framework into a Microsoft VS 2013 C++ software project? Which compiling options are important if we add the UE4 project file (UE4.sln) to our VS project? Does anyone have experience with that?

  2. For our visualization process we need to control the main engine loop or something similar in order to interrupt and continue the game presentation/visualization at certain time points. Pausing the running visualization with a customized game menu would be ok as well. What is the recommended way to adapt the engine loop. Should we write own control classes derived from the UE4 main engine loop class to control the visualization process? Does anyone have experiences with customizing the UE4 engine loop? What is the best way to do this?

We would really appreciate if anyone could help us or share their experiences with us.
Thank you.