Embedded Widget in another Widget is not sizing to content?

hello. what are you trying to do ? do u want to resize the contents of the horizontal box ?

So I am stumped…

I made one Widget called Store and another Widget called Store Menu that has some additional graphics and tabs that I could control separately because the Main Store Widget is gonna have a lot of different elements so I thought it would be easier to make them separate widgets and then add them the Store Widget as the Master Widget for the Store.

However, when I get the StoreMenu Widget that is in a Horizontal Box inside of the canvas panel and drag that into the main Store Widget for some reason the Box it’s in is really super huge and when I click Size to content nothing changes, the Menu Tabs are still at the very bottom even though I placed it in the center beforehand and it also has no padding either.

Any ideas how I can fix this problem or what I am doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this if multiple assets are needed to be added into a Widget such as for a store that has lots of stuff going into it?

Hi Shadow, sorry about the confusion, I am terrible at explaining stuff sometimes.

The screenshot is of the Store Widget (Master) but when I dragged in the Widget containing the Store Tabs onto the Store Widget as seen above that is what happened.

I was expecting to see the Orange Tabs circled in red in my screenshot appear inside of the related Canvas circled in green when I added it to the Store Widget so I could move it around properly but it sticks outside of that canvas box for some odd reason. Even if I tick the size to content no difference, same if I change the padding and I have no idea why.

The Orange Tabs there are actually from the second Store Menu widget there and they are already in a horizontal box as well in that widget and centered in the Canvas so I wasn’t sure why this happened.

The only other idea I had was just to remove it and just do everything in the main Store Widget but with all the buttons and elements it’ll get pretty messy with a long item list from a lot of stuff going into it mostly. I wasn’t sure if there was a better approach.

I was pretty much just trying to organize and keep it easier to control the sections of each part of the Store Widget.

okay no problem. i will try and create the same system , which is a store of different sections . if i am done i will post it.

HELLO. (Check the screenshots for setup). The main store will contain tabs or sections which are buttons inside a horizontal box . each button will lead you to a new section of items. the new section is the widget corresponding to the button in the main store widget . you can add animation for switching between the different

sections and u can make the text dynamic if u want. hope this helps ? (Check the screenshots for setup).

It sounds like you need to use Size Box and/or Scale Box container widgets. Size To Content just sets the widget’s own boundaries based on how big it is (helpful for centering and aligning), but doesn’t grow or shrink it like the aforementioned container widgets do.

This is very helpful thank you.

Yes, honestly that is the exact problem, I am terrible at explaining things sadly… -_-

I can’t figure out why the heck the widget I added to the other widget is offset like that when I stuck it in the middle of the other widget and then it appeared like this and how to fix it…

Could be canvas positioning