Embed Unreal window in existing Android application

Hi All,

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anyone asking this exact question.

I have an existing Android app and I would like to embed a Unreal view in it.


Is this possible and is it supported? If it’s supported are their any docs on how this is done?

If it’s possible can you overlay native Android UI ontop of the Unreal view?

Not looking for a step by step answer more so than verification of what is possible, some links would be helpful though if you have them!

Appreciate the help!!

Not really the intent; your UE4 project is meant to be the full application. You can add Android UI elements on top of the OpenGL view in Java and use JNI to talk with your own C++ code, but it isn’t meant to be part of something else as-is.

Hi Chris - is there a good example of how to get a minimal java view into Unreal? I have some JNI / GameActivity communication in a plugin to access the camera but it’s sloooow (the exit from the camera app is the crunch point) and also would like to implement a custom text entry dialog.

A little example you can see in Mobile Utils plugin: GitHub - gameDNAstudio/MobileUtils: A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that lets you integrate mobile utilities into your project.

As for the OP, embedding views into Android (and perhaps iOS) requires a bit of under the hood hacking. A Unity user seems to have found a solution for Android and I’m a wondering if some sort of similar tinkering would be possible for a UE4 project.