Embed UE4 Into Native IOS APP

Dear friends,

First, thank you for checking this message.

While I am trying to embed UE4 into my native IOS app based on its source code, unfortunately I have not figured out about how to. For the UI part of the IOS app, I would like to use native stuffs in UIKIT. For the rendering part, I would like to invoke UE4’s rendering system.

UE4 has its own build way like the unrealbuildtool, which I am bot familiar with. I know I could launch IOS app for UE4’s editor, but that is not what I want. And further more, when I generate Xocde project, it has no options for launch on devices but only for “my mac”.

I am using UE4.15.2 and UE4.16.

Thank you!

Have the same question

Have the same question