Embed dynamic frameworks for iOS packaging

I made dynamic framework for iOS with swift. (dynamic framework is only available for swift language)

Dynamic framework must be packaged by Embed Frameworks. (You can see this menu on XCode project file - Build Phases - Embed Frameworks or General - Embedded Binaries)

But I can’t find any build option for embed frameworks.

PublicAdditionalFrameworks.Add didn’t work and PublicFrameworks.Add also.

Many developers reference IOSTapjoy plugin cause it use third party ios library, but that’s just static library.

So it doesn’t give me any help…

help me…


I don’t have any experience working with these myself, but I was able to find another post where another user was able to find a solution to this problem. Is this of any help?

Thank you for your commenting! I’m sorry to hear that cause it’s not resolve my problem. For using dynamic frameworks, it needs to sign framework too. But that article says about just copying file into application package directory. :frowning:

Have you resolved this problem? I met the same problem…

So do I. And it seems that there is still not any solutions to solve it.