Trying a new thread. I had my the email that I was using for Unreal hacked yesterday. I would like a new email to replace it for my account. You tried all day yesterday and no one could get it to happen. The problem was to replace the email on the account with a new one. I removed the old account so it is history and can’t be used. This is problem.

Still does not work. This video does not work…-account-a3239
The problem is the email that it uses the email I need to change.

You helpers are unable to help. Unbelievable. I will just use it as is. Won’t be able to buy anything from you for now on. I guess this is what you want. Thanks for nothing.

Third day and counting. No help.

My problem is the email on my account. It was hacked. So I deleted it. I would like you to change the email. I can’t do it because the account can’t do an email because the email is gone. Now you are saying you won’t change it for security reasons. I give you my permission to change it. Please.

I need to change my email for account info. You have an edit. The edit does not work. And you helpers will not change it. I could delete the account and create a new one. This seems to very crude. Could you tell the ini file for the account info on my computer is called and where it is? I have asked microsoft the restore my email. Can’t do it. Why I don’t know.

What ini file on my computer has the account info?

I have it fixed. My login has changed. Very strange.