Email/Username Problem with the Epic-Account!!!


You should add the possibility to Change the username and/or email adress.

Following reason why:

I have created my account with a GMX email with the beginning of the unrealt tournament Alpha.
My Problem is that the email at GMX seems to be erased or corrupted by an error at GMX.
It seems that i will not be able to bring those email back to work.
Now i would like to Change those email to another working one.
But it is only possible to change the Password in my Profile when logged in.
No Option to change the email.
You should fix that.
It should be possible to change an email.
Otherwise i would have real Problems when i want to buy something in the shop and the email contact is not availlable. :frowning:

Greetings rongkongcoma


if you want to change your email you need to send an email to the accounts department at