Email: Holding off adding new team mates?

So I just got this email from Rocket a few moments back and I’m not able to understand this. Can someone please help?

Dear Shashank,

We hope you’re enjoying Unreal Engine 4 and are well on your way to building a great project (or a few)! Here at Epic we are intensely preparing for GDC and the next QA-approved release. We’ll need to focus all our efforts to make you proud, so we hope you understand that we need to hold off on adding any new teammates to the Rocket beta for the next month. If your request is already in the works - don’t worry, it’ll be processed.

Does this mean I won’t be able to access Beta or play with UE4 again? :frowning:

No that means if you requested your team mates to be added to rocket beta, and you did it recently, they won’t be added at least for another month, as Epic staff is pretty busy preparing for exhibitions that will be occurring over few next months :wink:

Aahh!!! Phhhewww! You are a life saver! Why because, I did not know you could actually request them to add your friends to the Beta! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gifting this forum and you with a small Written Tutorial on Blueprints Randomizing before we hit Monday for that! :smiley:

(Although looking at your karma, I doubt you’ll have use for such a small thing :wink: )

Every tutorial is welcome. I just happen to answer for easy questions :smiley:

Haha, Yes I started that recently. Installed tapatalk on my phone so I can access anytime of the day :slight_smile: