Em-8ER: Massive Planetary Wargame

Hello Unreal Community, Mind if I drop in?

I’m Ronyn, The community manager for Crixa Labs.

I want to invite you check out a game, currently in early development, by Mark Kern. Formerly with Blizzard, Team Lead on World or Warcraft, and several other titles. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2515004/

His new game is called Em-8ER: Massive Planetary Wargame. Em-8ER is a multiplayer, open world, co-op shooter that pits players against a ruthless, shape-shifting, NPC alien army called the Tsi-Hu in a massive war. The game is a simulated war where massive battles constantly ebb and flow across the planet surface. Hundreds of players fight at a time in skirmishes featuring mechs, giant monsters and military bases. Em-8ER combines high action, 1st and 3rd person shooting with crafting and RTS-like elements in a vast open world.

I hope you like guns!

We are a small team made up of industry veterans. The members of our team have worked on titles such as World Of Warcraft, Gears of War, KillZone, Call of Duty, Resistance, Starcraft,Diablo, and Nostalrius.

Em-8ER’s development is crowd funded. Right now, we are doing our third fundraiser on Indiegogo. We began this round on Monday morning, by Tuesday morning we were over 100% funded, and we still have two weeks to go. In a few hours we will be revealing our stretch goals. Head over to our official web site to get some good information and see some art work. You just might something we are doing, so come take a look. We have a very active community of over 10,000 members, mostly spread out between our Official Forum and Discord Server, and we could always use some more!

We hope to see you among us soon!

Interview with Mark Kern, creative lead for Em-8ER.
[video]Discord Chat 1 - YouTube

A second Interview with Mark Kern, creative lead for Em-8ER.
[video]Em-8ER IndieGoGo Fundraiser 3, Podcast/Chat 2 - YouTube

Join us today at 3PM pst for a live chat with the head developer and myself. We will be answering questions and doing a prize give-a-way! Here at our Em-8ER discord EM-8ER

We are now over 210 percent of goal with 9 days still left to go!
Now we are unlocking Stretch goals like crazy. In fact, many of the stretch goals are unlocked just from getting a higher number of backers.
If you donate just one dollar, you get access to all kinds of fun stuff like skins and emotes. So get over there and check it out!

Just one Dollar! [Concluded] Just $1 to get plenty of Em-8ER M3 milestone exclusive rewards | Em-8ER

only 5 days left. We will be doing live chats and give-aways Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Last Weekend of Funding! Event Schedule! NEW Stretch Goal! | Em-8ER

We are hitting 65 K, we have over 900 backers! You can tons of rewards for backing just a dollar! What are you waiting for? Em-8ER - Mech vs Kaiju Wargame, M3 Milestone | Indiegogo

Campaign is now complete. Final tally was 114 thousand. Thank you to all who clicked on the link and checked it out!
We will be back in a few months with some updates on progress and cool new stuff to show. :slight_smile: