Elseware Experience looking for VFX / Technical Artist

Project Title:
Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces is an adventure/narrative game mixing different innovative mechanics to offer a cinematic game experience.

Team Name:
Elseware Experience

Team Structure:
The core team is composed of 2 peoples ( and ) and relies on multiple freelance artists.

Previous Work:
Multiple mods (with one reaching a million download), Archiviz and serious games (more on our portfolios)

Talent Required:

VFX Artists / Technical Artist


• Mastery of Unreal Engine Particle System (niagara prefered)
• Mastery of Unreal Engine Material/shader system
• Portfolio
• Fluent English

Exemple of work quality asked:


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”] or here.

Hey there, that twitter link doesn’t work. Are you trying to find someone who can handle the VFX and also some level design work, or just a VFX artist? Cheers!