Eliosi's Hunt - Top-down shooter and platformer

Hi everybody!

Some of you may remember a game I was working on earlier this year: Alien Bounty Hunter

So the game has evolved a lot! Now, we are a 4-person team developing the game: TDZ Games.
We’ve just released our first trailer and would love some feedback.

Eliosi’s Hunt is a top-down shooter and platformer where you control a young bounty hunter during his first contract, but completing it is more challenging than it seems. During your journey, you will face swamp monsters, mutated mercenaries, desert nomads, natural disasters and more.

The game is being created with blueprints only. We are using Zbrush and Blender for the 3D art.

If you enjoy it, check out our facebook page and share it with your friends: Redirecting...

We really hope you like it!

Dan Zaidan

The game looks great :slight_smile: Do you have some demo ?

Hi Galeon!

Thanks for your comment. We don’t have a public demo for now, though we may consider creating one when the game is more developed. :wink:
But we are going to present a playable demo at a local event tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Looks great, Can’t wait to play it!

Just curious, did you guys keep a dev. journal by chance?? I really appreciated seeing where you started and where you are now. I find it sometimes difficult to progress past the prototyping phase of a project, usually due to overthinking it. Very inspiring! Thanks again

Hi Dre,

We are planning to start releasing some video dev logs in the next weeks. You can follow us on facebook for more updates: facebook.com/tdzgames :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I am going to be using this thread to post some updates about the Eliosi’s hunt :slight_smile:

The team now has 5 members :slight_smile:

We’ve just released the latest trailer. What do you guys think?!

Stay tunned for more updates!

Very well done.:slight_smile:

Thanks, Zeeker!

Hey guys!
This is the first video of a series that we created to talk about TDZ Games and our development processes. It’s a great opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another. Follow our page Facebook page to see our future posts! Redirecting...
Let us know what you think!