Eliminating friction between objects with phys materials?

I’m working on a proof of concept and I’m stuck on setting up my phys materials. I’m hoping you guys can help.

So far my project is pretty simple, there are two main objects:

  1. A blueprint that is the player pawn. It has a sphere collider with a box mesh and camera as children. The box has no collision and is simply visual.
  2. A big plane for the player pawn to slide around on.

The player pawn receives input and uses “add force” on the collider to push the object around in various directions.

Both the collider and the plane have a phys material applied to them which has zero friction and uses “min” instead of “average”.

The sphere collider is disallowed to rotate on any axis as I want it to slide rather than roll.

The issue is that it still requires a significant amount of “force” over time to be applied with “add force” to get the object to move at all. My goal is to have the object slide effortlessly, even with the smallest amount of force applied.

The catch is I also want the object to have mass or at least be affected by gravity in a somewhat realistic manner as this will be important later in development.

Ideas? Thanks!

UE4 uses cm as a base unit, so force that you apply have to be in Ncm - 100 times more than normal. Another thing to check is damping, don’t set it to zero but make like 10-100 times smaller, should help too.