eliminate a fuction

Hi all…
After that i have called a fuction…how i deactive it?

You can break out of loops, but not really functions. What is your use case?

You can put a boolean check in your function to decide whether to move forward, or destroy the UObject that’s performing the function (which may end in a pending kill without terminating execution), or just rewrite your logic so that you don’t have to kill your function execution.

i have my fuction on the screen…a timer.
Now i have to eliminate it… how can i?

I need more information to help you. Could you post some screens? Of the blueprint/code and its implementation in the game?

Maybe you have called a recursive function, be aware not to loop ad infinitum…

thanks i resolved with my fuction…i have created a boolean variable that go off when i finish and deactive the fuction…thanks to all :smiley:

You can also use Timers for this if you want:

These may give you more control over your functions and can be useful at some points (: