Elevator to another level

Hi, I want to make an elevator, with a keypad of sorts, where when you click on the number, the elevator goes up or down into a box trigger which takes you into the next level. Any idea’s on how to do that?

  1. create an elevator -> (there are also other tutorials about that on youtube)
  2. add the trigger to the end point of the elevator
  3. get him as an event in your level bp
  4. add a open level node and connect it with the event + type in your new map name

Now when the player enters the elevator, he will go up and touch the trigger + it will load the new map :slight_smile:

Utilizing plan courses of measures is certainly a considerably less demanding approach to set up the development of the lift however the reason I utilize early showing is on the grounds that it takes into reason more visual control and the capacity to include additional components and ways effectively to well and such!