Elevator/lift only moves diagonally

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to make a blueprint elevator using timeline instead of matinee.

Everything is working fine except the lift won’t move upwards. For some reason it will only move diagonally away from the start location regardless of what I put in the coordinates.

thanks in advance for the help.

Here’s my blueprint for the elevator/lift.

The blueprint is almost impossible to read.

The code seems logical. What do you mean by it moving diagonally?

Oh sorry. Didn’t realise the pic was so low resolution. I’ll post it again when I can.

Regardless of the values I put in the lerp vector the lift platform won’t move straight up. It moves diagonally up and to the side.

Hopefully this image is a bit better.

So the elevator moves when I stand on it and press F. it also returns to the start location absolutely fine if I manage to stay on it during the movement.

The issue is that regardless of the values I enter in the lerp vector box (b values) the lift seems to move diagonally in the same direction.

I basically need a way of setting it an end location directly above the platform.

The reason for why it is moving that weirdly is because you are moving to the location <0, 0, 200>. You need to add that to the start position so instead of putting the <0, 0, 200> vector as the B input, add that vector to the start vector and then plug the resulting vector into the B input pin.


awesome. Thanks for that. I created a new variable called end location and used a vector + vector function to add 100 to the start location.

It works perfectly now

If it works please accept the answer for future reference.