Elevator lift not working well

Hi so I am trying to make this simple elevator lift work correctly (like blueprints shown in pic). It basically starts at the top , character overlaps trigger box , lift goes down,. Character gets off , then re enters trigger box on lift at bottom, lift goes back up. So it seems to work , maybe 3 times in a row or so , then starts acting weird. Sometimes I step back on and it wont move. Maybe second or third time I step on it will then move. Or when I am getting off , it will take off back up , throwing me into the air. I just don’t get why it will work a few times in a row then stop working? Any help? thanx

Try printing when begin and end overlap fire, it’s possible that sometimes you are not actually leaving the box trigger hence a begin overlap is not firing when you expect it to.

It’s because overlap is not a neat thing. Like SolidGas says, try printing it out and you’ll see it’s firing all over the place.

You need to ‘lock’ the behaviour of your lift, so that once it’s got an overlap and decided to move, it completes the whole action before looking at overlap again.

To do this you’ll need a DoOnce, which you only reset once the lift has totally moved up or down…

Like this:

Works every time… :slight_smile:

( the collision box is parented to the lift mesh, so goes up and down with it… )

yea I did a print string and it does fire awkwardly at times. I initially added a do once node on both the flipflop A and B lines, then also threw in a branch with , " is up and is down " Booleans on it . Also out of the " finished" pin on the timeline I went back to reset on the do once nodes. Still had some issues. Any way you could give a little illustration on how to set this up? Its been a struggle for a while now. thanx

This may be a bit of overkill BUT it is a tutorial for creating a nice elevator system.