Elevator and Random Room Generator?

Is there a way I could make an elevator go up or down and open up to a bunch of rooms randomly selected?

For sure you can do this, but the question is a bit vague, can you be more specific…?

For example, if a player entered an elevator, and it started to go up and eventually the elevator will open up to a room but rooms are randomly generated each time like one room could show a hallway of a hotel on fire or the next room could show the streets of Silent Hill basically random rooms with different things happening and there’s a timer for when the door closes up and goes to the next randomly generated room

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so for something like this, if I’m understanding correctly, I think you’d want to look into the ‘Level Streaming’ mechanic to start with.

Here are some tutorials to help get you started.

  • Level Streaming

Im sure you are already good on making the elevator, but just in case.

  • Elevators

Just to save you a world of pain :slight_smile: If the levels are supposed to be random, you can’t use streaming. Streaming is for pre-defined levels, although they may appear in a random order.

If you want things to be truly random, then you need to make each ‘area’ a BP.

So should each level have its own blueprint and it’s each own level separate from the others? Or build the rooms separately but all in the same level

Let’s be clear :slight_smile:

If by ‘level’ you mean a shaboodle of stuff including landscape yada yada etc. Then you have to do it with streaming.

If by ‘level’ you mean a room, or small sequence of rooms, then you can do it in BP.

If you’re doing the second, the room(s) are just BPs which you spawn just before the lift door opens.

Ah okay I understand thank you! I appreciate it greatly!

I think you’re getting me mixed up with the other person :wink:

But, the BP for the rooms totally depend on you.

Here’s some official Epic training on the stuff ( maybe a bit OTT to start off with ):

PS: I just took a quick look at that, it’s really for production level games so don’t take it too seriously.

If you just have a bunch of meshes, you can convert them to a BP, and that will work just fine. You can spawn them when you need.

You only need instancing when you have hundreds or thousands of rooms :slight_smile:

Question, is there a chance you could screenshot me a picture of how the blueprint set up would be for each room or is that in one of the links?

Thank you!