Elevated sidewalks on a landscape?

Hi, how does one do an elevated sidewalk on a landscape? Procedurally generate using procedural mesh? Houdini? Export landscape to 3d software and do there? Thanks for info!

Simply build a sidewalk mesh and add it in the scene?!

That would be great, but landscape is not flat, I want the sidewalk to be sloped or not, like in this picture

You could build a non flat sidewalk. You can mix every 3d object with your landscape.

If you want your sidewalk to procedurally adapt to the terrain underneath, you will need tools like Houdini. You can also try using Blender’s Geometry nodes in Unreal, by using Altermesh: https://aechmea.gumroad.com/


I’d think about the landscape painting system, or if you need a 3D mesh perhaps a spline on the landscape generating meshes procedurally. Except I never tried to “glue” a spline to a landscape

Thank you for info. It looks like you really do need external generation software for that. Also I wonder if new UE5 mesh generation blueprints are any good for this…

This is what I was able to achieve with blueprints following some tutorial about procedural mesh generation inside a spline, but its very slow and not perfect

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Can you give link to this tutorial ?

Its outdated. With UE5 you have Geometry Script plugin which does this kind of stuff like a billion times faster. Check it out

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still unable to find a way to do similar result like you with geometry script…care to give hint or show some directions ?

With Geometry Script and Dynamic Mesh you can now do this with just blueprints. I released a product to do sidewalks like that on Unreal Markeptlace, check it out https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/bp-sidewalkactor-elevated-sidewalk-generation-from-a-spline?sessionInvalidated=true