Elementalist (Workin' Title) - 3D Puzzler

Hey guys!

So this is a project that a few friends and myself have been working on for the past few months. It’s a 3D puzzler game where you use one of four elements to solve puzzles and get to goal.

Some pictures of the progress art wise:
A mix of normal and modular assets


A wideshot of one of the early levels

I have posted a timelapse of myself creating a block out for one of the puzzles in the game. Only took an hour to block out (vids only 4.5 minutes :P). Image of the final level at the end (final 10s)

For a bit more background on the Prototype development of the game,you can check out this playlist of previous developer videos.


Looks great, I love the low poly style and color palette.

Is the “morphing” landscape from the dev video a happy accident from LOD transitions? It’s like some unseen force surrounding your player is shaping the land as you pass by…

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

It’s very much a happy accident that I’m going to try and work into a feature.

Some updates with some new levels.



love the warm feel :slight_smile: