Elemental Sword

Hello gyus.
I’m working on a pack enchantments for weapons.
I would like to hear your opinion on this matter. All enchantments very simple for reused in you project.

I am very interested in these. Can they be applied to other weapons easily? Like a mace head or a dagger blade?

Interesting, are there some trails when weapon is in motion?

Yes. You just do the necessary mask emessive, and apply it in an instance. Use wherever you want, be it a sword or hammer :slight_smile:

if you are on a slash, it is present for every kind of enchantment

Prewview all enchanment in pack

The best is the fire sword, it has particles effects on the trail.

Looks pretty cool good work

Looks nice. I would love to learn some about your process if you’re willing to share.

Hello mcgillchris.
I quite do not mind. You may ask for personal messages all that interests you.