Elemental Demo on single a GTX 470 or GTX 480

Hi I was just curious to know how does the the Elemental Demo run on the GTX 470 and GTX 480. Does anyone have these cards in their system running UE4?

Meh, ignore my comment. I have a 570. Not reallly what you were asking, but it runs great on a 570 :smiley:

I wouldn’t imagine it running too great, I used to get around 30 fps on the shooter example with that card before I upgraded.

Well 570 has the performance of the GTX480 so it’s more then good enough for me xD thanks.

560 Ti here, it runs well but can be a bit jumpy in places where it’s trying to load all the huge assets.

Yeah Happens to me as well, especially when He spaces the ground with his hammer.

760ti 60fps, runs like an empty scene xD

I have a 6770HD and it runs consistently and constantly over 60 fps.

Is your card better than mine ? Yep

It has allot more to do with a combination of GPU/CPU/Ram than just the GPU.

Hi guys,

I am not interested in other GPU’s because have stated that I wanted to know more about the GTX470 and GTX480 for I have only interest in them at the moment.