Element-None is intended to be a multiplayer VR fighting game. It will feature melee combat as well as spell casting. Climbing will be used to add verticality to stages. The characters will be themed after elements of nature.

Current Roadmap:

00: Start the project. - Achieved 15/05/17
01: Full functioning base character.
02: Successful network tests.
03: One character and one map.
04: UI work and base game mode.
05: Three characters and three maps (Fire, Ice, Water).
06: Free for all and one versus one modes.
07: Successful network tests.
08: Steam Early Access.
09: Fire, Water, Ice characters balance adjusted.
10: Steel and Void characters added.
11: Two versus two and three versus three modes.
12: Two larger maps for three versus three mode.
13: Balancing and feedback incorporation.
13: Lightning character added.
14: Character skins and other forms of loot.
15: Character customization (think swapping a sword for an axe).
16: Explore more game modes and mode variations.
17: ?

As mentioned here -> Looking to partner with an artist that owns a Vive - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums I am looking for an artist to partner with.

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Implemented a fundamental interaction base system and working on basic network code.


Still looking for an artist to partner with. I guess I will have to suffice in the meantime.