Elegant living room

I’m hoping to get some input on this. Perhaps even questions? This is my first complete scene in UE4. I’ve learned a lot from it!

Paintings on the wall/in the shelf are public domain. The ‘dust motes’ particle effect is default starter content.

Artstation link: ArtStation - Explore

Man this is for real? Awesome job!
I really like the ceiling detail!

This is looking fantastic !!!

Excellent work there :smiley:

That looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Scene looks really nice!Good atmosphere to it. Personally though I would get rid of the dust, sort of looks like random snow flakes floating around. If you roughed up the edges of the table a little bit too it would make it have a tad more lifelike feel to it.

Great job! Everything looks great. Im a big fan of the theme you were going for. The placement of the chairs gives it that lived in feel, the lighting is nice and warm, and the dust gives it that extra depth. But if you want my critique I’ll have to say that the 50’s style type writer doesn’t really fit in, but hey, it’s your first take at doing a scene, so good job! I look forward to seeing more from you. :slight_smile:

I think it would work if there was less dust.

Hi, I just stumbled upon this thread and first off I must say your work is pretty good!.
Now I am definitely not an expert on art or architecture, but after looking at the images closely I felt that the lights on the wall (looking at the relative proportions) would come up to the eye level/face of the people living in the house.
I know this is nit-picking but won’t that blind everyone, especially because the lights look really bright?. Practically I feel the light should be above the residents head. Although I might just not be gauging the proportions properly.
Keep making awesome stuff!, looking forward to updates :).

looking really good!.. reduce the alpha on the dust motes…
the scale on the environment feels off also