Elegance is Furious - unreal challenge:Furious Elegance

Title: Elegance is Furious

Video URL: https://youtu.be/-uYfR-5lZ7E

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

  • Chicken sounds. Farm background sounds, ambient sounds by DMD_Production, Pixabay
  • To Hell With Vinyl, Pixabay
  • Morning Mood - Edvard Grieg - Flute Selection by JuliusH, Pixabay
  • Fingerprint texture from Fingerprints 01 | cgbookcase.com
  • Megascans assets - Rounded Cobble and Stones and Pebbles pack
  • Megascans materials - English Bond Ash Parquet and Soil Cracked

Screenshot of project in-editor:

  • Elegance is a toad. This is the story of how he got furious and how it got the better of him. I wanted to keep it simple for my first real project in unreal. I wanted to create of feeling of a kid playing with clay and creating a silly story. I actually got my son to act out the story and used his original voice recording for the audio. Everything modelled, rigged and animated in blender. Imported into Unreal Engine as abcs and fbxs. Camera animation, scene setup, materials, lighting and additional animation in Unreal. Thanks for these challenges. I’ve been meaning to learn Unreal for a while and this was a great opportunity to jump in. All the entries are looking great! All the best everyone!

  • Engine version : 5.2.1


Hi there @seedai_murukku,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far!

What a truly charming project. The design of Elegance the toad is both adorable and a bit funny. The stylized clay creatures definitely managed to create the feeling of a child playing and trying to make a story. The use of your son to voice act a bit was also a great touch. His ribbits are crazy impressive! A genuinely sweet project :slight_smile:
Adorableness aside, its the technical elements that make the project glow for me. Its the lighting, environment, and ambient noise that brings Elegance to life and makes a rather funny project into something that inspires joy to watch. Wonderfully done!

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the challenge!

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Thanks for your kind words. Showed your comment to my son and it made him really happy.

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This made me laugh so hard! My kids loved it too! I love this toad, he’s so blinging lol, but so so furious too lol! Having your son do the voice acting is absolute genius, the lighting is gorgeous, the clay shader and stop motion style is so interesting, everything about this is wonderful!

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Thank you so much!

As others have said, you really nailed the claymation feel. This felt like it could have been stop motion, and the homemade sound design only elevated that. Nice job!

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Thank you!