Electrical substation and utility pole package

This is a video featuring a package I’m toying with as a possible market place submission candidate.
The package includes a set of static meshes with LOD, textures, and 3 blueprints which allow quick placement of transmission towers and utility poles. Wires are automatically added between the poles. There is also a blueprint for adding wires manually. I’m working on another video which will show the assets in more detail and how they are used.

Hi. Are the assets available in any form?

I’m not sure what you mean by “in any form”. If you’re asking if the raw model files used to make the package are available, then no. I have not posted those files anywhere.

Keep going and publish. I could see automation and utility companies being interested in this to showcase projects. They could take GIS terrain and use these models to show how a mega utility project would look before/after from an environmental POV.

Interesting idea, but I think that’s a pretty narrow niche market. Plus, it would require modeling a ton more items to support that sort of application.