Electra Media Player - HLS Streaming - Could Not Find Stream MIME Type

Hello all!

So I am trying to get a livestream into my project using Electra Media Player and I am getting this error:

LogElectraPlayer: Error: [000001B5FE404800][000001B612F9A650] ReportError: “error=0 in Player: code 2, “Could not determine stream MIME type””

I have a MediaStream pointing to a rudimentary master playlist m3u file:


Could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I feel stupid since I think it’s just under my nose , I just can’t figure out what it is.

Update: so it might not be an issue with the MIME type as it is that the Electra player is not finding a stream URL to play (in the Electra Player Statistics the URL line is blank).
Still need help: why is the electra player not picking up the stream URL?

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Same issue here. I think electra needs the video format to be mp4… HLS accepts formated mp4.
But I am guessing… didnt make it work either

I am in the same situation. I hope someone will come along and answer this question.

I had the same problem, but in my case I had the above error message because I had taken the wrong steps to convert the file format to MP4.

I tried converting to mp4 again and it solved the problem.
My mistake before was just converting the mov format manually.

So I converted it to MP4 again from the original data with the free Adobe tool and it worked fine.

My environment is UE5, so I also adapted the Electra plugin.

Hope this helps you.