Elasticity in skeletal mesh during physics simulation

Hi! Using unreal engine 5.01 to animate virtual actors to live action footage. One problem: physics simulation.

For one: skeletal mesh works just fine, but static mesh actors gets affected by physics at a much more limited rate, when using sequencer. They do get pulled by gravity, but suuuuper slow. When activating physics simulation outside of the sequencer they behave as expected. What am I doing wrong?

Secondly: is there a way to limit the “stretchiness” or elasticity of skeletal meshes? When they are moved rapidly, for instance by a constraint, they stretch so much they look super unnatural. How can I dial this property down a couple of notches?

Thank you very much for any insight!


Hi. Did you find the way how to limit "“stretchiness” or elasticity of skeletal meshes”?

No, regrettably it remains an unsolved puzzle. If you do, please post the solution!