Elastic Implicit Skinning

How long until we get stuff like this across our pipelines - really nice

That looks amazing. And we probably won’t get it until someone makes a plug in for it.

That does look great. I wonder how performance intensive the method is on lower polygon characters. I really like that it doesn’t require vertex weighting.

Perhaps with more optimizations it could be a plausible alternative for cinematic characters, or huge characters (think bosses), until our hardware is fast enough to handle this method efficiently. It seems really good and from what I can see in their comments, they’re willing to collaborate with other developers to start implementing the method into existing solutions. :smiley:

Yeah it would be great like I say though end-to-end would be interesting - I suppose it might be possible to extend FBX somehow - seems like A LOT of work :slight_smile:

As far as I know this kind of technique is already doable using Softimage ICE using this method which can be further improved or translated into Maya…

Anyway the demo looks pretty **** good…I guess, unless Jeremy will release a similar tool, someone need to develop something like this :slight_smile: