EGX Review: Your staff are awesome :)

As Twitter only let’s me put in 140 chars and not all of you guys and girls across the pond get the chance to see it, I’d just like to take the extended and publicly-visible opportunity to say that you guys absolutely rocked at EGX.

I can’t get over how well we we’re received and treated and all the great stuff you guys did for us! It was a genuine privilege and pleasure to hang with you guys both professionally and casually. (I also fully believe that the Rainbow-Plastic-Cow-Explosion-Generator should be Marketplace content, second only to the Tim-Sweeney Nyan Cat Shooter ;)). Extra thanks to James, Alex and Josh who are all insanely smart guys and helped me out with a few technical issues I was having too!

One of the things that keeps me so active around here and makes me love the company and the tools is that you guys are 100% community driven, more so than pretty much any other company I can think of and I love that. There are many big businesses out there that could learn an awful lot from you guys, everybody that works at/for Epic is a massive credit to your company in every way! You pick all the right people :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure to represent your tools and peoples!

Until the next time (which I’m sure there will be), cheers n’gone!

PS: It’s ‘Alacrity’ btw not Alicrity :wink:

Very nice to hear that Jamsh. Wish i’ll meet Epic one day! :smiley:

Do you have any pictures to share? I’d love to see them. :slight_smile: