EGX London Meetup! Wednesday, September 24th From 6pm-9pm

Going to be in London for EGX ( or just in London )? Make sure to come early and hit up our pre-EGX Unreal Engine Meetup!

We’ll be hosting a casual gathering upstairs at the** Prince of Teck, located at 161 Earl’s Court Rd, London SW59RQ**. Let’s hang out! RSVP at the EventBriteso we know to expect you. Check out Andy’s announcement!

Reminder, we will be on the floor during the expo for the rest of the week, showing off 8 indie titles made in UE4. For the full EGX announcement, check our official blog post on the topic here.

Questions about the event? Let us know below.
Hope to see you all there!

Hi ,
I guess, also UE4 will going to be in France for Paris Game Week October 29, 2014 ?

I will be representing one of the major console manufacturers on that day but hopefully I can make it shortly after I finish :slight_smile:

Will definite my be there, already RSVP’ed. Grear opportunity, thanks guys!

I was wondering whether we’ll be able to know who’s attending from Epic? It’ll be great to connect beforehand.

Thanks a lot in advance, see you in Wednesday.

CEO at HAIL Studios

Welcome to the forums! I’m not sure of everyone that will be there, however, I know Andy and myself will be :slight_smile:

FYI, 25th is thursday, not wednesday.

wednesday 24th is my birthday :smiley:

Also, if you guys are still in the UK on saturday, Polycount are having a meetup after EGX:

Awesome, hopefully see you guys there :slight_smile:

Sorry for the typo! Corrected up top :slight_smile:

I’ll be there briefly! I’ll also be at the Polycount meet on the Saturday :slight_smile:

I will be there tonight + Polycount on saturday :slight_smile:

Was a pretty fun night! Cheers Epic peeps, and good luck at Rezzed :smiley:

It was fun! Hopefully I’ll see plenty of repeat faces on Saturday :slight_smile:

the polycount meetup will be a great place for developers looking for artists, since it’s primarily an artist meetup.

just be aware that it’s very much a social thing as well.

Hey was great to see people there then again at EGX :slight_smile: and thanks for the free beer :smiley: !

Had a great time, pity I couldn’t spend more time at the event.
Great to put some faces to names, I swear meeting some of the Epic staff in person was like meeting one of my favourite bands or something… :cool: :slight_smile:

Got back to work on my prototypes, event really hyped me up.
I’ve got to knuckle down and make sure I have something to release for next year.

I hope to be on a stand and having more fun with you all next time.
Any other casual meets in London I’m well up for, was a good crowd.

Had a great time! Feel free to add me on the forums as a friend/contact if you were there guys and girls! I’ve got to say that after 10/11pm I don’t remember all that much other than going out to find a really expensive KFC :o