EGL -noselfupdate option is unusable

I’m trying to deploy Epic Games Launcher in an academic environment.

I can install it silently using msiexec /i EpicGamesLauncherInstaller-2.11.9-2970807.msi /qn. On first launch it will try to download and install a different version. So I added -noselfupdate to the end of the target line in the shortcut (as suggested here), but this results in the launcher hanging at “Please Wait”.

When I google the issue, the only result is someone with the same problem (posted in January 2016).

Hi JasonNVSD,

I’m sorry that you are having an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. In order for us to offer the best support, we have recently modified the process for how Epic Games can help troubleshoot your Launcher issue. Please visit for technical support, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. Thanks!