Effects of sound

Can you do effects of sound like reverb, ahhh electric sound… eh all of that, I want to do that on a dream sounds, sound crazy … possible cave sound?

in the editor right click your sound cue and you will see at top: edit in sound cue editor. click that and then in that editor window you can right click and add the items you want to use to effect your sounds as you please.

As far as I’m aware you have no control over reverb (or lpf) in the soundcue editor. It is something that has always bugged me, as it is clearly supported in the engine.

You have to rely on using Reverb volumes (and distance to control lpf).

I ended up doing some pretty hacky things to simulate lpf when moivng in/out of shelter. Basically playing ambient sounds on an actor attached to my local player, then controlling it’s range from the player to bring in/out lpf effects using the attenuation settings.