Effects Example?

Hey there,

I just came across this gem: https://rocket.unrealengine.com/docs/ue4/INT/Resources/Examples/Effects/index.html

however I don’t see a place to download it. neither as an attached file on that page, nor in the FTP. I also searched in the Rocket install but couldn’t find a thing either.

so did I miss anything? or is it just documented but not (yet) released?

thanks :slight_smile:

I think that it isnt released yet, but probably they will release it with the next rocket build

Hi Oscar,

This is a planned Demolet that will be released alongside a future build of Rocket. It will be a map for showing off effects, lighting and materials, that you can then try to learn from.



ok, thanks for the info.

I was just excited to think it was already available, as it looks great :slight_smile: