Effecting widget components via blueprint?

Hello, so I’ve got this issue right now that for whatever reason I just can’t quite figure out. So basically I’ve got this widget component here on my npc enemy here (all the visual assets are placeholders so please forgive the ugliness lol)

The floating image above the red sphere is the widget. And here’s what the widget looks like in editor:

As you can see, the widget is just two images. That’s it. All I want to do is toggle those image’s visibility based on an enumeration I have set up. Seems simple but for some reason I can’t quite figure it out.

As of right now I got the enumeration changing via a behaviour tree (which you can see below)

This is the BTS_AAvisioncheck you see there in the tree. It’s where I handle all of the enumeration changes.

So just to recap, I want to toggle the image’s visibility in that widget based on what the enumeration is currently set to. I’m sure there’s a very simple answer that I’m overlooking here, so any and all input is greatly appreciated.

I believe you’re looking for Get User Widget Object node.

Get Widget Component -> Get User Widget Object -> Cast to Detection_Widget -> Get Image 1/2 -> Set Visibility

Yeah I could use that to change it from the my NPC’s blueprint thingy, but would I go about making it communicate with the enum value in my blackboard task? Cause as far as I know the Get User Widget Object node doesn’t really work in a blackboard task.