Eexar - AR Unreal Engineer - Shanghai

Project Title:
Eexar - Frames

Eexar develops a B2B sales tool using AR glasses, Android tablet and connecting those to a network software.
This allows businesses to create on-the-go cross-platform AR experiences to earn and keep audience attention. Usage data is recorded to produce reports about audience drives and motives.

The design of our product, “Frames”, is intended to allow our clients to integrate their 2D and 3D content as easily as possible. Our solution is composed of:

  • A display app, running on Android/iOS phones and tablets. Will be adapted to AR glasses soon.
  • A control app, made only of UI, running on any 2D device.
  • Web interfaces and networked software (outside UE4) to import and integrate client’s content.

Eexar - 杭州罗客科技有限公司
Shanghai based international company, ability to support a work visa (only if 2y. work experience or more, or if graduated from a Chinese school)

Team Structure:
Romain Dessain-Gelinet (Cofounder)
Administration, Sales - 1 year.

Nicolas Letendrie (Cofounder)
Product Owner, Marketing & Communication - 1 year.

Thomas Lamson
Project Manager, UE4 and network development - 1 year

**+ Future Interns / Employees

Previous Work:**
No relevant previous project.

Talent Required:

AR Unreal Engineer - Project Manager (1)

  • UE4 Blueprint & C++ development
  • Good understanding of project and engine architecture
  • Ability to keep a clean project environment
  • Ability to manage a project in a start-up environment (small team, fast prototyping)
  • English
  • French, Chinese appreciated
  • ARCore & ARKit experience appreciated

Network & Web Developer (1)

  • ASP.NET development (or better according to you, if you can explain why)
  • HTML/CSS design
  • SQL db management
  • General understanding of network & APIs architectures
  • English
  • French, Chinese appreciated
  • UE4 / Unity3D experience appreciated

Website: (we are rebranding to Eexar, the website will follow soon)

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E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Phone number: +86 131 6277 9579 (Romain Dessain-Gelinet)
Wechat: romaindgt