Educator Livestream - The Unreal Fellowship Curriculum: Deep Dive January 12 at 2 PM EST

The Unreal Fellowship is an intensive blended learning experience designed to help experienced industry professionals in film, animation, and VFX learn Unreal Engine, develop a strong command of state-of-the-art virtual production tools, and foster the next generation of teams in the emerging field of real-time production. During the program, Fellows learn Unreal Engine fundamentals, model ingestion, animation and mocap integration, lookdev, lighting setups, and cinematic storytelling.

During this Educator Livestream, we’ll meet Brian Pohl, who developed the curriculum for the Fellowship, and take a deep dive into what the fellows learn and how they go about the process. We’ll also take a look at many of the compelling Unreal Engine virtual production films created by the Fellows.

Join us once again on Tuesday, January 12, for another informative Educator Livestream on

Tuesday, January 12 @ 2 PM EDT



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC](
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](
Mark Flanagan - EMEA Education Partnership Manager - @marknaught](

Special Guests
Brian Pohl - M&E Technical Account Manager -

what? in the pulsar clip is Echo from the unreal 5 tech demo did I missed something?? how do I get here? I can’t find the model on the marketplace??

I would stop smoking just to get any little alpha-glimpse of UE5 since it should become the base of a long-dream lifetime project and love letter to the fantasy genre that was first in pre-production for half a year in UE4, then one and a half years in Unity, back to UE4 and now in stasis mode since Nanite and Lumen could become core factors for the visual statement. Everything is ready for take-off. What´s left is the engine.