Educator Livestream - Becoming a AAA Audio Designer- October 23, 2:00 PM ET


Following the theme of “Becoming a AAA Developer,” for this stream we welcome three of Epic Games’ top Audio Designers: Director of Audio Production Zak Belica, Audio Director Gene Semel, and Technical Audio Lead Seth Weedin.

Join is for this roundtable discussion about their career journeys and their current roles at Epic Games. We will discuss the skills needed to become audio designers, composers and audio effects artists. We will specifically focus on a role called technical audio designer, which is a fairly new and dynamic role in the industry.

It has been said that audio makes up at least 50% of an experience, if not more. With games such as Fortnite, that’s a significant contribution. Join us to hear from Zak, Gene, and Seth as they share insights about both the grit and glamor of the exciting world of musical and gameplay audio design.

Please join us once again on Friday, October 23 for another informative and valuable Educator Livestream on

Friday, October 23 @ 2 PM EDT



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC](
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](
Mark Flanagan - EMEA Education Partnership Manager - @marknaught](

Special Guests
Zak Belica - Director of Audio Production - @ZakBelica](
Gene Semel - Audio Director - @GeneSemel](
Seth Weedin - Technical Audio Lead - @sweedinmusic](