Educational game

I started my adventure with blueprint long time ago, in ue3 with kismet and it was a great time. I was never studying C++, after my experience with blueprint editor I’m able to write simple code. My idea is create game about gaming asset creation. Create highly simplified blueprint editor in game(friendly for kids and adults:)), in the form of a t.ex. workshop, with bench(where you put mesh and components) and board with puzzle (“where all the magic’s will happens”). During crafting (t.ex.: pirate chest or simple door) kids could learn physics, maths, logic and coding. My question is: Is there way to bring blueprint nodes in to the game as a simple puzzle, and make “live in game” compiler to test crafted asset? Please write also, if you think the whole idea is stupid.

The idea is good, assuming I understood it. Is there an easy way to do it in the way you think???
Its a bit like building electronics circuits, with chips and components and a breadboard in-game.
But the nodes will still have to be 3D meshes, the wires Splines, the movement logic material FX.
So there isn’t any obvious shortcut that comes to mind. You’re building an actual simulation really…
You can use the download-image node etc to pull in real world textures to help build the game out…
As regards building an in-game compiler and all that, good luck! While possible think KISS rule! :stuck_out_tongue:

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