Education Livestream: Teaching Object Oriented Programming with Blueprints Tuesday, Mar 16, 2 PM EST

As a professional production tool, Unreal Engine leans on industry standards, such as a C++ codebase with object oriented programming (OOP). It can be helpful to begin teaching the concepts of OOP using Blueprints, the visual scripting system in Unreal, for a friendlier and more interactive introduction.

This week, we’re mixing things up a bit—Mark Flannagan will host with Tom Shannon sharing his insights on how to approach teaching object oriented programming using Blueprints. Tom will also delve into his journey as a Technical Artist in the games and visualization fields and his current role at Epic Games.

Join us for another insightful, entertaining Unreal Educator stream this Tuesday, March 16. Live on

Tuesday, March 16 @ 2 PM EST



Mark Flanagan - EMEA Education Partnership Manager - @marknaught](

Special Guests
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](