Education Livestream: Marketplace Collection Deep Dive: What Remains of Edith Finch: Nov. 13 2PM EST


With the release of the “What Remains of the Edith Finch” Marketplace Collection, and the Inside Unreal Stream with Creative Director Ian Dallas and Lead Artist Brandon Martynowicz, we wanted to take the opportunity to do a deep dive into the collection. With 10 free packs of amazing content to explore, experiment with, and use in your projects, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a variety of techniques that the learning community can utilize to take advantage of this amazing collection.

We will review many of the beautifully stylised assets, discuss the amazing storytelling aspects of the game, talk about the lighting style of the game, how some of these assets can be modified to be used on projects with completely different styles, as well as expose completely different rendering techniques for the same art style.

Join us once again on Friday, November 13th, for another informative Educator Livestream on

Friday, November 13 @ 2 PM EDT



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