Education Livestream: Developing Learning Resources for Unreal Engine - Tuesday Feb 2, 2:00 PM EDT

Creating compelling educational content and courseware for Unreal Engine can present unique challenges. Unreal Engine is evolving at breakneck speeds, with significant and often fundamental changes being introduced on a regular basis such as Niagara, Landmass, Datasmith, and Sequencer. Not only is Unreal evolving as a tool, the industries around Unreal are evolving as well, making things become even more intricate.

At Epic Games, we develop a wide array of learning resources ourselves and face many of these same challenges. On today’s Educator Livestream, we welcome two of our Unreal Online Learning authors to discuss their work at Epic and share their approaches to instruction and some insights into how Epic is approaching creating learning content for Unreal Engine.

Join us to learn more on Tuesday, February 2 for the Unreal Educator Livestream. Live on

Tuesday, February 2 @ 2 PM EST



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC](
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](

Special Guests
Justin Mohlman - Unreal Engine Game Development Education - Instagram: justinmohlman
Deepak Chetty - Unreal Film/TV/Virtual Production Education - Instagram: d33ch

Is there a link to the 8-hour comprehensive kickstarter course referred to in the video? I only see small (~45 minute) kickstart components in the Unreal Education Online.

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