Education Livestream: Becoming a UX Researcher - Jan 26, 2:00 PM EST

UX researchers provide designers, artists, programmers and entire game companies and organizations with valuable insights into player behavior and psychology. These tech-detectives tease apart the rationalis that drives players’ thinking and motivations, which are incredibly valuable to the aforementioned dev teams.

On today’s Educator Livestream, we’ll meet one of the top UX Research teams in the business to learn more about what it takes to become a AAA UX Researcher. Join us to find out what a day-in-the life of an Epic Games UX Researcher is all about, and why you might want to explore this exciting field of study and line of work.

Join us to learn more on Tuesday, January 26th for the Unreal Educator Livestream. Live on

Tuesday, January 26 @ 2 PM EST



Luis Cataldi - Global Education Evangelist - @EpicLuisC](
Tom Shannon - Technical Artist, Education - @TomShannon3D](

Special Guests
Brandon Newberry - UX Researcher
Nik Blach - UX Data Analyst - @royelstar](
Ben Taels - UX Lead - @ikbenben](