Education licence in asia?

Can i check if t he education licence open for use in asia? and if yes… must it be from school or would an enrichment company teaching game developing be able to use it as well?

fyi, im from singapore


Thanks for the note. I’m happy to help.

Our educational license offer is most certainly available in Asia. It is limited to under-graduate or graduate institutions such as colleges, universities and vocational institutes. I’m not quite sure what an “enrichment company” is. Can you provide more detail?


Hi Jay,

Sure. An Enrichment company provides programmes/courses that are non-curricular in nature. It can be as classic as a sports programme to a more ‘real world’ experience programme such as hair styling, photography courses etc.

In Singapore, the education system is such that enrichment companies are the go to guys to provide these programmes and it crosses all levels of education from primary to tertiary level.

Currently, Games development courses are introduced in the various tertiary institution (diploma/degree programmes), however there aren’t any for those at the secondary level (13-16yrs) except for mobile apps/game design.

Thus it would be great if we would be able to introduce to the these target group(though not limiting to just this group) the magical and imaginative world of gaming through a well established program.

Thanks. I’m still not clear though. Are these enrichment companies similar to institutes in the USA like ITT Tech Institute ( or New England Institute of Technology (

Also, what age levels do you serve?

Sorry about all the questions. I’m just trying to better understand your application.


No worries mate. More than happy to clear any doubts.
And no. The 2 instituitions you refer to are like the normal teaching instituitions such as colleges and universities where the students enrol to the school on their own. However, for enrichment companies, instead of students enrolling to a school, the companies themselves are engaged by the school and the companies will go down to conduct the programme.

for example: XYZ Highschool engage ABC company to conduct a level wide game developing course for their students. ABC company will bring in their lecturers/instructors down to the school and they will then conduct the said course. the course can vary from a simple 15-20hr introduction of using the programme to a more intense project based programme that could take a whole semester, depending on the needs of the school.

We have a wide range of modules that serves various age level. If i were t be more specific to Games development, it will be 14 yrs and above (mobile apps).

Got it. Essentially you guys atr contract teachers.

Our UE4 educational offering is limited to graduate and undergraduate institutions at this time. In your case you should encourage any school that meets the offering criteria to sign up at the school level and make a request for codes for their students. Then you can come in and provide the training to the students in the school as contract teachers.


Ya, i guess u can classify us as that…

And noted on the criteria set… thanks for all the help.